Do you want to contribute to the mission of our foundation? Every donation is welcome and needed! Specifically you can donate for:

Bible Fund

We send a free Bible to people who request it through our website. Every Bible we send (several hundred per year) costs us as a foundation €10,-. There is a growing demand for a Bible, how beautiful is it to share the good news!

Guest Fund

With the guest fund we make it possible for guests to stay. It is a contribution to the guests who can’t afford this. We want to be able to welcome everyone, regardless of income.

  • iDEAL
  • Bank transfer

Make a donation yourself:

IBAN: NL74 TRIO 0391 0691 44

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, the Tax and Customs Administration has designated the Bron Lachai Roi foundation as a Public Benefit Institution. Your donations are therefore tax deductable.
Yes, you can do this on IBAN: NL74 TRIO 0391 0691 44 in the name of the Bron Lachai-Roi foundation.
Yes, all data via both our website and the payment page are sent ciphered.