Samen met God

Het verschil maken

Wij bieden een plek waar je je gezien en geliefd voelt.
Een plek waar je voor rust, herstel, retraite terecht kunt.


In ons gemeenschapshuis zijn we beschikbaar aanwezig.

Zegen en gebed

We willen biddend tot zegen zijn voor onze omgeving en onze naaste.


We helpen mensen in nood, daar waar nodig en wat past in onze visie.


Open dag

Bron Lachai Roi is...

genieten van de (moes)tuin
genieten van de omgeving
God zoeken in de kapel
een goed gesprek
een gezamenlijke maaltijd
gezamenlijke vieringen

Unwind with us
at Bron Lachai Roi

Our mission

Together with God

Making an impact


We offer opportunities for short individual retreats.


We want to be a blessing to our environment and our neighbours in prayer.

You are welcome!



Collabaration Days

If you like and/or enjoy supporting our work in a practical way, a co-working day is an ideal opportunity. Rolling up our sleeves together: there is always something to do in the house or in the garden. We provide a good lunch and afterwards we hold a celebration in the chapel.


Biblical Feasts

We celebrate the biblical feasts as mentioned in Leviticus 23. They are established by YHWH Himself and foreshadow things to come. The Lord Jesus celebrated these feasts and we celebrate them to meet the Messiah Jesus Christ in this and to grow in our life with Him. In celebrating the feasts we know that we are connected to the apple of God’s eye, Israel.

Bron Lachai Roi is...

a good conversation a shared meal joint celebrations  enjoying the (vegetable) garden enjoying the surroundings seeking God in the chapel

Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you. We are Johan and Tabitha, the initiators of ‘Bron Lachai Roi’, We would love to welcome you in Dalfsen! Do you already wish to get acquainted with us? Then watch the video below!

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We helpen je graag

Bijbel of gebed aanvragen?

Bid en lees

Gratis Bijbel aanvragen

Dé manier om God te leren kennen is door te lezen in het boek dat Hij Zelf aan mensen heeft gegeven: de Bijbel.

Gebed aanvragen

Als je wilt dat we bidden voor een specifieke situatie, dan kun je een verzoek tot gebed aan ons sturen.

Ieder mens verdient een warm thuis

Bron Lachai Roi helpt mensen in nood. Help je mee?

Ieder mens verdient een warm thuis

Bron Lachai-Roi helpt mensen. Help je mee?

Schrijf je in

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Get inspired

Blogs en achtergronden

Van ons, voor jou

We willen je inspireren en bemoedigen. Lees daarom onze blogs!


Bart en Annebeth

They went before you


'I used the Community House at Source Lachai Roi because I don't take the peace and quiet and time to unwind in my own home. I experience too many stimuli to read Bible and pray and contemplate. By being in a different environment, in a house where there is peace, I manage. The same texts kept coming back.'

Bart Lived temporarily in our community centre

'My relationship is struggling at the moment. We need time to ourselves. I stayed at Lachai Roi for several weeks. There I was able to unwind because I had distance from my situation. The peace, the listening ear, the space I had and also the meals, the conversations made me more in touch with myself again. That I have a better idea of how I want to proceed, what I need. Because I had peace, I also became more at peace with God the Father again. I experience Him closer again. I can recommend this place to everyone. I will definitely come back because I need peace and quiet not only now but much more often.'

Annebeth Stayed at our community centre as a live-in resident