Every human is seen and loved by God

About Us

The initiators of Bron Lachai-Roi are Johan and Tabitha Wendt. In spring 2011, they were touched by the story in the Bible about Hagar (Genesis 16). The vision to create a healing community is first given its name: Lachai-Roi. Johan and Tabitha are driven by their faith and by their passion for God and people. Since early 2021, the vision has been lived out from a farm in the municipality of Dalfsen.



As the hostess of Bron Lachai-Roi, I like to make sure that everyone feels at home and comfortable. I work as a social worker and also studied Urban Agriculture


In addition to chairing the Foundation, I also enjoy being busy in our field, preferably in combination with a good conversation. Besides my work I study Theology.


Woof! I am Bron Lachai-Roi’s welcoming committee. You will probably meet me first and I will greet you enthusiastically! Besides me and dog Ziva, the cat Lev, and several chickens also live here.


My name is Roelf van Herwijnen. I am father of four, teenagers and young-adults and I work in higher education and mental health care. At the beginning of 2017, in a dark time of my life, I found peace in the Bron Lachai Roi community house, with Johan and Tabitha. For me this became a stay that turned from dark to light and Life. Now I have already been an enthusiastic part of the board of the foundation for a few years!


My name is Jelmer Dijkhuizen and I come from Amersfoort. I am happily married and I have 2 adult daughters. In my daily life I am business consultant, executive coach and compassionate Christian as it is so beautifully called. I have known Johan and Tabitha for quite a few years and I felt honored when they asked me to join the board. I am very happy to fulfill the role of secretary on the board.
In our house, living together, rest and living close to nature, are important. We have a large garden and vegetable garden where you can sit or cooperate. In addition, there is a chapel and a haystack with additional seating. In the immediate vicinity you can enjoy walking and cycling and you are within a few kilometers of the Vecht, which is enjoyable in every season! Dalfsen, Nieuwleusen and Zwolle are a short distance away

In the chapel

There is a ‘chapel’ in the center of our yard. The chapel is open, you can find the silence here, pray, read, write, make music or listen to music. In the chapel we also hold short celebrations which are part of Bron Lachai-Roi. You are, without obligation, cordially invited to participate.